Firestop Services

Gleeson Powers is UL Qualified and FM Approved Firestop Contractor

For over 23 years, Gleeson Powers has been one of the leading single-source firestopping contractors specializing in the installation of firestop systems and smokeseal products. Gleeson Powers was the first Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Qualified Firestop Contractor and among the first companies to be an FM Approved Firestop Contractor. We are proud to be both FM Approved and UL Qualified. These highly respected third party accrediting agencies ensure quality and care, which we pride ourselves on bringing to each and every job.

Firestop Installation

Having an FM Approved contractor perform your firestopping work increases the success rate (correct system & installation) by almost half (Hadly & Tesche, 2008). The success rate for non-FM Approved contractors was 52%, compared to 94% success rate for FM Approved contractors.

Firestop Surveys

Gleeson Powers offers facility-wide or targeted location firestop surveys. Our highly trained personnel have years of experience in the firestop healthcare industry and are experts in firestopping. They will work with your facility to determine the best approach to your survey. We perform our firestop surveys in accordance with the FCIA - 01 Recommended Practice for the Survey of Fire Resistance Rated and Smoke Resistant Penetration and Joint Firestopping in Existing Buildings.


All customers are provided with detailed documentation using The Life Safety Tracker System®®, including deficiency reports, compliance status, before and after pictures, detailed descriptions of each item, and verification of all items per FCIA-01 recommendations. Reports can be filtered by building, floor, area, or item. These reports can serve as third party verification that your fire barriers have been surveyed and remediated if necessary to keep your building compliant.