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Gleeson Powers offers specialized fire barrier management services for the healthcare industry.

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The Life Safety Tracker System® is the most advanced fire barrier management software in the industry. Learn more about how this customized software can help you be compliance ready.

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Our hospital & healthcare services include:

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require a unique approach to traditional contracting projects. With The Joint Commission's continued focus on life safety, and firestopping in particular, it is more necessary than ever to take a proactive approach to firestopping and fire barrier management. Gleeson Powers has been providing fire barrier management services and firestop remediation to healthcare facilities for over 20 years. We understand the unique conditions of the healthcare environment, the vulnerable population present in many healthcare facilities, and the pressures of accrediting agencies, fire marshals and insurance companies for increased life safety compliance.

Gleeson Powers specializes in fire barrier management solutions to ensure your passive fire protection needs meet The Joint Commission, CMS, and AHJs requirements.

We offer firestop maintenance programs for facilities interested in keeping their facility in compliance over time. Our weekly, monthly, and quarterly programs are designed to fit the needs of your facility, as well as your budget. All of our work is documented with before and after pictures using our Life Safety Tracker System(R). Reports are accesible 24/7, as well as dashboard tools and an interactive floor plan.

We can help you get ready for a Joint Commission survey. We can serve as your commissioning agent.