Fire Barrier Management: Policy & Specification Review

Policy & Specification Review

The first step in managing your fire barriers is setting the right guidelines for your facility. Gleeson Powers can work directly with your facility's team to develop and implement procedures, policies and specifications.

Through many years of working in the life safety and firestopping business, we have seen a wide range of life safety services procedures (and lack thereof). We understand the need for a working process - stringent enough to meet the requirements of The Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies and building inspectors, but flexible enough to meet your practical needs. During our Policy Analysis & Review, we customize a Life Safety Policy to meet the needs of your facility.

This process typcially includes a review of current policies and documentation, infield processes and current specifications. An important component of this is current and updated life safety drawings as well as a policy in place for who will maintain and repair your fire barriers, and a process for in-house personnel and onsite contractors to follow when and if they are doing work above your ceilings. We recommend implementing an Above Ceiling Permit Program to help manage this process. Our customized software, The Life Safety Tracker System®, has a full permit module to assist facility managers in managing this.

Policy & Specification




Documentation & Reporting

See our video below to learn about our approach to fire barrier management: