Fire Barrier Management: Permitting


Developing and implementing an Above Ceiling Permit Process is perhaps the most important step in long term compliance of your facility's fire barriers. The purpose of an Above Ceiling Permit Process is to ensure the proper installation and code compliance of any installation or modification of work above ceilings. This mostly applies to ductwork, electrical and tele/data cabling, and mechanical utilities. Most facilities require a permit for all work; some make exceptions for inspections or other non-invasive work or emergency work.

Our customized software, The Life Safety Tracker System®, has a full permit module to assist facility managers in managing this process. Permits are actively tracked so your facility management team can quickly see active permits, past-due permits, and closed/completed permits. The permitting process Gleeson Powers helps manage keeps track of any work that impacts or compromises the integrity of the fire barriers in your facility.

Policy & Specification




Documentation & Reporting

See our video below to learn about our approach to fire barrier management: