Fire Barrier Management: Commissioning


Commissioning services that sign off on any and all work performed on fire barriers ensure long term compliance. Gleeson Powers performs an in depth visual analysis of all (or targeted) fire barriers within your facility. Each firestopping condition is cataloged and documented within the Life Safety Tracker System®. Documentation of fire barriers include a variety of details. For example, documentation of firestop conditions includes the test and listed Firestop System, Condition Specific Fields (i.e. penetration type or wall type), and compliance status at time of survey. At the completion of each work day, all information is uploaded directly into The Life Safety Tracker System®, giving the facility management team instant data for review and reporting. A commissioning process should be in place in all facilities with a fire barrier management program, and should include reviewing and documenting any and all new or modified conditions prior to project closeouts.

Commissioning services are often coupled with wall markings of fire-rated walls. If it is determined a requirement during our policy review & analysis, customized fire rated wall markings can be created and installed at each fire barrier during the evaluation process.

Policy & Specification




Documentation & Reporting

See our video below to learn about our approach to fire barrier management: